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Retro 9 Low "Pantone" Giveaway Contest

BB Branded is hosting another Retro Giveaway Contest. This time, the winner will receive a pair of Retro 9 Low "Pantones" in their preferred size.

As you may recall, BB Branded recently proceeded with and announced their winner for the Retro 1 High OG "UNC" Giveaway Contest held mid-late May (originally held for our restock event that was later cancelled). We would like to congratulate Jalani Morgan again for being our drawn winner, and thank him along with all of our other followers who participated. 

To enter the contest, competitors will view a full list of tasks. Every time the competitor completes a task, another ballet of their name/identity is entered into the contest. Therefore, the more tasks that are completed, the more ballets the competitor will have entered, the more likely their odds of winning. 
Tasks range from subscribing to our News Letter, to liking pictures on our Instagram account. The overall idea of our Giveaway Contest is to get our followers engaged.

Please see below for a link of how to enter. Be sure to read over our contest Terms and Conditions before entering! 

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  • I’m old school but I want them

    George Williams on

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