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Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of BB Branded, we are being forced to cancel the May 21st Restock Event. We just received the news and we apologize for any inconvenience this event cancellation may have caused.

We sincerely apologize to all our online customers and supporters. This was not a publicity stunt. We cannot comment as to why we had to cancel at this time. We can only say that it was entirely out of our hands. We are waiting for more answers ourselves. Once we receive any additional info we will update. Thank you.

 - BB Branded Online Team


  • Can you tell me when a good time to be in Canada to stop by the store and purchase ?

    Eric on
  • Will you guys be gettin a restock on the cement 4s size 5 in boys? A restock on anyyy of the jordans that came out recently? The 12s, the 6s in boy size 5?

    Rosandris nunez on
  • Seriously bummed bro. I was hoping to get the legend blue 11s and champagne 6s

    Matt Jackson on
  • Can i get an update on the restock? thank you

    Jodeci on
  • I am very upset about this news….was really excited and even set aside $1500-$2000 specifically for this..

    james on
  • Well, it least it was nice of you to post a message. Most companies don’t even bother to put a notification up.

    So, Thank you!

    Jason Verpil on
  • wtf

    65groveside on
  • Is it possible that I get a notification before the restock happens?

    Sheku on
  • will you be doing this on another date if so when

    mike on
  • I was wondering if you guys ship jordan retro 13 barons or 11pantones 10.5 to Ohio, or if you guys do a random giveaway.

    Thanks John

    John on

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